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“Art is a way to praise and worship. Just as I sing praise to the Lord, I can sing on the canvas and paper. Led by the Holy Spirit, the depth of meaning in every piece is a representation of what the Lord has done in my life and of my desire to see that work accomplished in everyone’s life. There is no comparison to the satisfaction found in worshipping the Lord my God and Creator who made me, gifted me, and knows me better than I know myself. Art is a way to pour out what the Lord has poured into me.”

Praise report from being in Zimbabwe

Shalom Everyone,


Here’s a brief praise report from being in Zimbabwe.  Praise Elohim for His power working in and through us there:

  • The time spent with the 297 school kids in leading worship,and worshipping through art was awesome.  My prayer is that they will grow deeper in their understanding of worshipping our LORD and Saviour.
  • Fellowship with special people I’ve known and served with before throughout the week.
  • Encouragement to the local leadership to stand strong in their faith and ministry.
  • Prayer over the land of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 at the monument sight to break down barriers and hindrances of the gods of this world in the name and power of Yeshua.
  • Blessing the widows and orphans of the village with necessities.
  • Miracles of healing and answered prayer with the local villagers
    • testimonies of arthritis, blurry vision, shoulder pain,headaches, knee pain, high blood pressure, asthma and abdominal pain healed in the name of Yeshua(Jesus)
  • Sharing the gospel with newly founded soccer teams and teaching the Word  and exhorting them to stand strong and set apart in their faith in Yeshua.
  • A time of sharing and prayer with the local villagers both a message of repentance and an exhortation to repent and be set apart for Yehovah.
  • I was blessed with the opportunity to pray with local MP’s,the chief of this Lemba area and  as well as local congregational leaders.
  • Leading worship with the group throughout the week.
  • Seeing the goat and chicken project growing in the village.
  • The foundation was laid for the medical clinic and building has begun.

And much more –Hallelu-Yah! Our King of all kings rules!

Giving praise to our Elohim

Group picture with Davene
Davene in a group photo with some of her friends

🎶 What can I say, what can I do but offer this heart o God completely to You. I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned.  In awe of the one who gave it all.  All I have is Yours.🎶

What a treasure and a blessing to reunite with brothers and sisters in serving and glorifying Yeshua together. Many received Yeshua and many also recommitted their lives to Him. Please pray that the local congregation will be strengthened daily and for God’s favour in all the self sustaining projects for this village. I also pray that leadership will be humble in all they do, knowing that Our King above all king’s is the one who guides and provides for all of this to come to pass. He alone gets all the glory.

Next mission trip planning

So… what’s next?  It’s already on my heart to go to 🇪🇹 Ethiopia. I will you keep you posted on the plans for that. So in the meantime, please pray for a blessing and anointing on the local leaders, a hunger and desire for the Word with every believer there ,and a protection against any false teachings. I was honored and blessed to serve the Lover of my soul on this trip. A special thanks to each one who covered me in prayer,financially supported and encouraged me to walk in Adonai’s will.

Spreading the word

Smiling children at Lemba school in Zimbabwe
The children was filled with smiles at the school

Many along my journey heard the message of the gospel-pray for Alexandria (atheist from Russia), a young lady from China “P”, Abbas from Vancouver, Yash from Zim, Samuel ( Muslim in London) and many more divine appointments with discouraged believers along the way to tell them to stand strong and stay faithful. I will end with a story of One of the widows named Lucia. When we went and asked how we might pray, the Holy Spirit impressed on me that she lost her husband recently.

She asked for strength and God’s hand on her life. He gave me a word for her that at night when she feels so alone,to ask Him to give her a hug. I asked her to introduce me to her daughter before I left.  The next day,she came to me and introduced me to her 8 year old daughter Thelma. I asked Lucia if she had spoken to her Heavenly Father about getting a hug. She said,”I asked him last night and He gave me a big hug.”

Staying connected to our Elohim

Lemba women gathered together
Lemba women gathered for a meeting with the mission team

Our God is a God of details. Our Creator, our Saviour and our Friend. That was a special answer to prayer to meet her need in a time of great loss and loneliness. Are you feeling lost, empty or lonely?  Jesus wants to meet you in a personal way through His sacrifice and resurrection. He wants to have a moment by moment relationship with you. There is only one way and it’s humbly kneeling at the cross and asking the King above all other gods, who died and rose again ,to wash you clean from your sins and make you a new creation.

Have a blessed day!

Shalom and prayers for each one of you,


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