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Unexpected by Davene Cora Michie

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Copyright © June 27, 2018: Poem by Davene Cora Michie

“Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them.” Psalm 84: 5

Baruch – blessed
Chesed – livingkindness
Tov – covers me with goodz
In Yah’s ways. In His WAY.
To live like Yahushua (Yeshua). To walk in His path.
To live in His truth. To walk forward in His footsteps.
You see, I’m not walking anywhere He hasn’t walked before me.
I can see His sandal footprints ahead of me.
The way is narrow, and filled with difficulty
But I will take each step in Yah’s strength and mercy
Forsaking frivolity, turning away from the worldly
Filled with jeers, mockers and it feels lonely
But pressing on I keep my eyes
On all Yahuah is, all else despised
The journey starts at the beginning
Of Genesis/Bereshit… Diligent learning
A map is given, my course is set; actually reset
The Torah starts the foundations, layers, patterns
I walk circumspect
In the valleys and the mountaintops
My feet are sore, I must not stop
Keep moving forward in all He’s planned
Divine appointments, far and near lands
Along the journey I meet many
To speak the truth, to tell my story
Of how Yahuah has been gracious to me
I’m filled with hope, I’m abiding in peace
Shalom is a better word
UnexpectedTov – He covers me-
with His covering of goodness
I’m sheltered in His will; resting in His hand
Don’t touch me, I’m the apple of His eye
In obedience I stand
I’m ready, to walk you through His ways today
A step of faith for the journey
He doesn’t force or demand
He doesn’t make you serve His plans
I choose His path and His rules (It’s His kingdom)
I choose His testing to know I’m His
From the beginning, through all the “unexpected S”
He already knows what will come
I rest in His complete and perfect will, even if I don’t understand
I stay the course, I walk through sand-
And fire and rain and hail and snow, and mud and everywhere weeds grow.
All I am is in His way.
He strengthens me in His truth, every day.
Give me truth, Father, I want more today!
Each winding curve and twisting path
You are my All; my All in All
Thank you for having patience with me
Thank you for giving me spiritual eyes to see
Beyond what’s in front of me
To see You; Your truth completely.
I love you because You first loved me.
Your beauty, your glory, beyond all my mind can attain, wonderful to me
Grateful my heart will sing all the way along-
through the “unexpected S” journey

Canvas Size: 36″ x 36″. Price: $1899-

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