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Ascension by Davene Cora Michie

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Copyright © June 26, 2018: Poem by Davene Cora Michie

“For all people will walk everyone in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the Yahuah our Authority for ever and ever.” Micah 4: 5

ascensionThe name of my God is Yahuah, Yehovah, or Yah.
All the other names are attributes telling who He is…
He is THE God, the authority of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
He is the Most High Elohim

The King above all others
He is a Strong Tower, a Shield, a Mighty Fortress, Place of Refuge
He is Wisdom
He is Abba Father

He is our Creator
He is the God of the mountain (El Shaddai)
He is my Shalom
He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and rich in love

He is my authority and UNDER Him I am set free
His Son’s name is Yahushua (Yeshua), in Hebrew meaning Yah is salvation.
He is my Redeemer.

I walk in repentance through Yeshua’s shed blood for me. In ancient times, the people of that day worshipped many gods. Hmmmm…. is it any different today?

If they left a certain area they left that god behind and petitioned the one of the new jurisdiction. They would give gifts and worship them and tell them what “they” wanted. They believed they could manipulate the wills of their gods.

AscensionYahuah is above all other gods. He showed Israel as they left Egypt, through the wilderness and into the promised land that He would be their authority everywhere they go. He showed that He is all powerful, He is a Provider, and He will tolerate NO divided hearts of worship. His covenants never change. There are blessings and there are curses of keeping His ways or not keeping His ways. My heart is to live blessed under the safety of His statutes, His judgements and His truth. It stands for all time. I will ascend as I bow down humbly to His authority. His will. His truth. He covers me with goodness. He is Tov.

Others choose different authorities. Yahuah, our Creator, gave us free will. I choose to love and obey Him because He is Wisdom. He is Righteousness. He is Justice. He is Shalom. He is hope. He is all I need. I rest in the magnitude of that. This world is not my home.

I will ascend. I will go to higher places in forsaking the temporary desires that defile us and choosing to keep my eyes on Him and His truth.

I will ascend as I worship Him and put Him above all else.

I will ascend as I seek His desires that have become my heart beat.

No looking back.

The steep hills, the slippery slopes, the dry ground, the barren land.

The scorching sun, the billowing waters, the darkness of the forests.

No looking back.

Keep moving forward. You will guide me, Yah.

Keep climbing up. You hold me up.

There are many scoffers. May their piercing words be my ambition to press on.

Save them. Guide them in Your truth. Help them to listen too.

With all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, I worship you.

I need You.

You are my Yahuah.

My king.

The reason I paint, the reason I sing.

Canvas Size: 4″ x 12″. Price: $219-

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